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Saturday, 8 October 2011

General Tips

Here is a very general tip. If you are young, you should try to cover as many places and points that you can. Get value for your money. Though we suggest you cover as many as possible, this does not mean you dont pay attention to what you are doing. Do everything to the best possible extent, but do not waste time between points, between places, between rides, etc.

As we grow older give some space for rest. Do not rush to cover as much as possible. If you can come back for a second trip to cover the rest, fine. Otherwise, it is still not a big deal. There are millions of awesome places on this earth & we get to see a millionth or billionth of the same. Give time every day for some rest, discussion, relaxation & planning for next day.

For example in our 20s, we covered Orlando over 8 days in a hectic schedule. We fit everything and we were up from 6 AM to 11 PM. At 11 PM our legs were aching and needed a warm tub of water for relief from pain. Then up again at 6 next day for the next place in our agenda. Covering each attraction over the full day, not missing anything, etc., was our priority. We enjoyed every place & it was adrenalin pumped visits.

In our 30s and onwards, we have reduced our schedule to have a few hours in the evening to relax and discuss plans for next day. Reduced the number of places to visit - try to keep important ones. Even if we miss an important place of interest, we can cover it on a subsequent trip (if possible). We enjoy every place and it was relaxed visits.

Another tip - you should buy something from that place, just to remember the visit. Take some photographs if possible. I have read somewhere - "Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn’t a dream?"


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